Mgmt 386.01
"Hot Off the Press" Presentations

Reference must be approved by the instructor one week before it is presented.
See Handout #1 for more information.

Aug. 31
Amanda Benepe, How Retailers are Turning to Technology

Sept. 7
Rob Kaufman, Geographic Information Systems to aid Orangeburg, S.C., economic development

Sept. 14
Jennifer Pope, interview with Cindy Bowers (Asst. Store Manager and I.T. person at Proffitt's Dept. Store)

Sept. 21
Heidi DuBose, The RFID Revolution

Sept. 23
Stephanie Feltis, America EPAY Debit Card System Saves Kellermeyer Employees Money

Sept. 30
Anishia Young, Recognition System Knows What You Like Before You Order

Oct. 5
Billy Allen, Manufacturers Get Smart
David Hodge, Sun Unleashes Its Tiger

Oct. 12
Heather Nelson, Do-It-Yourself Software for All?

Oct. 19
Leslie Lowe, GM's Reuse Strategy

Nov. 2
Oliver Holmes, The Role of Technology in Medication Management and Prescription Administration

Nov. 9
Justin Wilkins, interview with IT person at Kimmel and Associates

Nov. 16
Jay Erickson, Group's high-tech efforts to aid Navajo honored

Nov. 23
Rebecca Cashion, interview with Lori Graalman, senior program manager for Electronic Data Systems
Aundria Gaddy, interview with Dr. Arlo Jennings, Ph.D., Vice President & Chief Information Officer at Mission Hospitals in Asheville

Nov. 30
Ben Mercer, On U.S. Homeland Security and Database Technology
Lauren Wingo, interview with David Wingo, IT Project Manager at Blue Cross Blue Shield of South Carolina