Mgmt 386: Management Information Systems

Instructor: Dr. Mary Lynn Manns

Drop-in Office Hours
Monday and Wednesday 10:00 - 11:00 and by appointment
The above hours are drop-in; no appointment is necessary.
I am also glad to make appointments outside of office hours.
If the drop-in office hours are not convenient, I will gladly schedule an appointment with you; in this case, I encourage you to adopt the professional approach of making an appointment rather than simply expecting I will be free to see you during times that are not designated as office hours.

Teaching is my responsibility. But learning is your responsibility. This means that it is your responsibility to ask if there is something you don't understand or if you have any concerns. I am easily reachable in any of the following ways:
* during my office hours
* by appointment outside my office hours
* via phone
* via email


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Class Schedule

Hot Topic Assignments & Due Dates

This is Cool Presentation Dates

Professional Behaviors - Department of Management & Accountancy

A checklist for succeeding in this course

Sample Exam Question

Citing References
Reminder: We will use the APA style in this class
An APA reference cite:
APA Citation Style

Scope and requirements for web site

Student Websites - Spring 2011
Student Websites from past semesters

There will be a collection of online readings which the students can print and put in a 3-ring binder.
See Class Schedule for these readings.

Optional Reference
Management Information Systems for the Information Age (on reserve at the UNC Asheville library)

Other Resources

Need help with a term or a concept?
Free Online Dictionary of Computing

HTML Reference
HTML Made Really Easy

MS-Access References
General Information
Quick Guide

Potential sources for articles

This is not a complete list -- there are many other management-related sources for your assignments in this course.
Business Week Online
Information Week Online
Wired News
First Business Online
New York Times

Eleven Hot Skils for 2011 (Note skills #2 and #11)
Top 10 Best Jobs in America
Computer System Analyst: Computer systems analysts help organizations use technology effectively and incorporate rapidly changing technologies into existing systems. Median income: $69,760.