Mgmt 380
Assignment #1 Presentations

Articles must be approved by January 21.
See handout #2 for more information.

January 24: Kevin Meadows, Channel Performance Under Consignment Contract with Revenue Sharing

January 26: Ernie Bocchino, Benefits of skill chaining in serial production lines with cross-trained workers

February 2: Colleen Hinton, Improving Crew Scheduling by Incorporating Key Maintenance Routing Decisions

February 4: Patrick Korth, Jump Bidding Strategies in Internet Auctions

February 7: Jaime Caldwell, Evaluating Consumer Sentiments as Predictors of UK Household Consumption Behavior

February 9: Sarah Davis, The Digitization of Word of Mouth: Promise and Challenges of Online Feedback Mechanisms

February 11:

February 18: Brandon Horne, Job Rotation as a Learning Mechanism

February 21:

February 23: Amy Riddick, Dynamic Allocation of Kidneys to Candidates on the Transplant Waiting List

February 25:

February 28:

March 2: Sarah Clarke, Up to standard: How should management science faculty respond to the new accreditation guidelines?

March 4: Ross Jackson, Improving Resource Efficiency Through Management Science

March 14: Alex Pena, Restaurant revenue management

March 16: Jennifer Dale, Affirmative Action - Its Got a Bad Reputation

March 18:

March 21:

March 28: Deanna Shamel, Safe at Home? An Experiment in Domestic Airline Security (in OR Practice)

March 30: Kristen Long, O.R. Models for Homeland Security

April 1: (no class)

April 4: (Assignment #6 presentations)

April 6: Guy Cooper, Disturbing' Defects in Strategy to Detect Terrorists Entering U.S.

April 8: Zachary Black, Analysis of Distribution Strategies in the Industrial Paper and Plastics Industry

April 11: Joy Fishman, War in Iraq: Math Geeks with Guns

April 15: Brooke Collins, L. A. County/USC Hospital "engineers" solutions to delays and overcrowding

April 18: Tereasa Hudson, Cutting Corners and Working Overtime: Quality Erosion In the Service Industry