Assignment #2

Linear Programming

Defining the problem, solving it graphically, and presenting the analysis

DUE: August 31

15 points


1) Chunkos Cereal Company makes a cereal from several ingredients. Two of the ingredients, oats and rice, provide vitamins A and B. The company wants to know how many ounces of oats and rice it should include in each box of cereal to meet the minimum requirements of 48 milligrams of vitamin A and 12 milligrams of vitamin B while minimizing cost. An ounce of oats contributes 8 milligrams of vitamin A and 1 milligram of vitamin B, whereas an ounce of rice contributes 6 milligrams of A and 2 milligrams of B. An ounce of oats costs $0.05, and an ounce of rice costs $0.03.

Define the problem and the variables and the linear programming model.

Solve this model (determine the optimal solution) using graphical analysis.


2) Show the effect on the optimal solution in the above problem if the cost of rice increased from $0.03 per ounce to $0.06 per ounce?



Your completed assignment should be presented in a professional manner and include a typed analysis that could be given to the cereal company.

And: See handout #1 under "Assignments"