Mgmt 380
Spreadsheet Exercise

Warm-Up Exercise (for those who are not familiar with or have never used Excel)

1. Go to the following web page: http://www.cs.unca.edu/~manns/mgmt380.html
2. Click on "Learning about Microsoft Excel" and complete as many of the exercises as you wish.

Spreadsheet Exercise

A   B     C D   E F
Special Products Co. Break-Even Analysis          
  Data     Results  
  Unit Revenue = $900   Total Revenue = $270,000
  Fixed Cost = $50,000   Total Fixed Cost = $50,000
  Marginal Cost = $400   Total Variable Cost = $120,000
  Sales Forecast = 300   Profit (Loss) = $100,000
  Production Quantity = 300   Break-Even Point = 100

Enter the values in the columns B and C and E.

Enter formulas for the values in column F. Here are some hints:

Format numeric cells and widen columns as shown.

Save and print the file.