Assignment #5

DUE: March 31

30 points


Part 1

See handout #11


Part 2

Complete the problem from Handout #12 in two ways:

1) hand-calculated simplex method (show all the tables)

2) computer-calculated simplex method (with STORM)

Use a highligher or a colored pen to clearly mark your solutions in both the hand calculated and the computer-calculated methods. (Remember that your solutions should be the same.)


Part 3

A) Make up your own problem. Clearly define:

B) Graph it.

C) Solve it with the simplex method using STORM. (You do not have to do it by hand.) After you print your STORM solution, explain all the values you can. You can do this by coding/noting the values with a colored pen or other symbols and then writing the explanation.


You will turn in: