MGMT 380
Assignment #1 Presentations

For more information on this assignment, see Handout #2

August 26: Anna Bernhardt, Do Corporate Global Environmental Standards Create or Destroy Market Value?

August 31: Dwight Ehrlichman, What Fraction of Stock Option Grants to Top Executive have been Backdated or Manipulated?

September 2: Jamie Carpenter, Brand and Price Advertising in Online Markets

September 4: Kelly Bradish, Diagnosis: Mismanagement of Resources

September 9: Harold "Jody" Lewis, A Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm on Job-Shop Scheduling Problems

September 23: Emily Becker, The Value of Great Teaching

September 28: Cody Buch, Ethical Issues in Tracking Cellular Telephones at an Event

October 2: Bart Klarmann, Pricing strategies for perishable products: the case of Vienna and the hotel reservation system

October 5: Mike Neuer, A multiobjective optimization model for processing and distributing biosolids to reuse fields

October 7: Ashley Gowan, When do employees become entrepreneurs?

October 14: Lindsey Bryson, Computational Biology and Medical Applications

October 21: Courtney Council, Does Transaction Misalignment Matter for Firm Survival at All Stages of the Industry Life Cycle?

October 23: Brandon Newman, Fraser Health uses mathematical programming to plan its inpatient hospital network

October 30: Neal Beckett, Measuring open source software success

November 2: Tim Betzel, R&D in the Pharmaceutical Industry: A world of small innovations

November 4: Kimberly Omar, An economic evaluation model of product mix flexibility

November 6: Maureen Gates, Rocket Science Retailing: The 2006 Philip McCord Morse Lecture

November 9: Sean Keller, Are confident CEOs born or made?

November 11: Brad Lovejoy, Improving Resource Efficiency through Management Science

November 16: Christin Haynes, OR Process Skills Transform an Out-of-control Call Center into a Strategic Asset

November 18: Crystal Warren, Behavioral Management Science