Mgmt 379 / WGSS 379: Women Changing the World

Class Schedule

January 9
  • Overview of this course
  • Ideas for change projects
  • Women Changing the World video
January 11
  • Handout #1: Course information
  • Developing your idea for your change project
    • A project from a previous semester - Elizabeth Schultz (your peer mentor)
    • Discussion of "what makes you mad?"
January 16
  • No class: Martin Luther King Day
January 18
  • Handout #2: Assignment #1: You are a Leader of Change!
  • DUE today: "Shave" down your big idea (a bit) - write it in your journal - bring it to class today so we can work on shaving it even more
  • Developing your goal for your project:
    • Example of a goal: The first sentence in this video: J.F. Kennedy's goal
    • Goals are S-M-A-R-T (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, time-bound)
January 23
  • DUE today: A draft of the goal for your project
  • Class discussion: More about goals and timelines
January 25
  • DUE today: Your project proposal (See Handout #2)
  • Class discussion: Introduction to change leadership strategies (patterns)
  • Handout #3: Assignment 2 (due February 27)
January 30
  • DUE today: Fearless Change book: Read chapters 1, 2, 3
  • Class discussion: The "package" of patterns you carry with you on your change journey-- Evangelist, Test the Waters, Time for Reflection, Small Successes, Sustained Momentum
February 1
  • DUE today: Rewrite of your project proposal
  • Class discussion: The decision process and how different people react to change during this process
February 6
  • DUE today: Continue reading the Fearless Change book: Chapters 4, 5
  • Handout #4: Testing the Waters, Getting other people involved, Elevator Pitch
  • Class discussion: Starting the spark for your idea
February 8
  • DUE today: Continue reading the Fearless Change book: Chapters 6, 7, 8
  • DUE today: First version of Elevator Pitch (see Handout #4)
    • Reminder: Elevator Pitch and Wake-Up Call strategies are available here
  • Class discussion: Getting people on board with you
February 13
  • DUE today: Next version of your Elevator Pitch
  • Class discussion: How to continue getting your idea in people's spaces
February 15
  • DUE: First version of your flier
  • Class discussion: Review of change leadership strategies you've read so far in Chapters 1 thru 8
February 20
  • DUE: Continue reading the Fearless Change book: Chapters 9. 10
  • Handout #5: Assignment 3
  • Class discussion: Writing your change story so far
February 22
  • Continue reading the Fearless Change book: Chapters 11, 12
  • Class Discussion: More about the emotional side of change
  • Handout #6: Using persuasion in your change project
February 27
  • DUE: Assignment 2 (Handout #3 distributed on January 25)
February 29
  • Campus tour (cool places you probably don't know)
March 5-9: Happy Spring Break!

March 12

  • DUE: Draft of your research question for your next paper (Assignment 4)
  • Information about your research paper: Assignment 4
March 14
  • Elizabeth: Note-taking and Getting the Most out of Lectures
March 19
  • DUE: Your final research question and at least two sources that relate to your research queston (from peer-reviewed journals)
  • Handout #7: Assignment 4
March 21
  • DUE: Rewrite of Assignment 2 paper due (woman leader of change)
  • Using persuasion in your change project: Handout #6 , continued
March 26
  • Class will not meet in our usual classroom -- Individual meetings with Dr. Manns (Owen 210)
March 28
  • Elizabeth: What are the Liberal Arts?
April 2
  • Tye-dye!!
April 4
  • Meet in Karpen 113
  • Guest speaker: As part of the "Women Changing the World" course, students take on a project related to the idea of change. This presentation is designed to challenge students to think deeply about the nature of change, by using Francis Bacon's essay "Of Custom and Education" as a reference point. The ultimate goal of this collaborative discourse is to expand students' thinking in a way that manifests in their projects. Laura Billings, Ph.D. is the Associate Director at the National Paideia Center. Laura's work, for over 15 years, has included instructional design for critical and creative thinking. Laura has also been committed to developing tools and processes for assessing students thinking and communication skills through the Paideia Seminar process.
April 9
  • DUE: Assignment 4
  • Informal presentation -- summary of your paper
  • Handout #8: Reflection paper for Assignment 1
April 11
  • Using persuasion in your change project: Handout #6 , continued
April 16
  • Using persuasion in your change project: Handout #6 , continued
April 18
  • No class meeting: UNC Asheville Undergraduate Research Symposium Day
April 23
  • Meet with Dr. Manns in her office
Wednesday, April 25, 3:00pm
  • Presentation of your change projects