Attend the following presentation and write a short report, as follows:

8 extra credit points

Meridith Elliot Powell
Strategist, Coach, Trainer, Speaker

Thursday April 8th @ 12:15
Owen Conference Center - Owen Hall - 3rd Floor

Small Investment - Big Return: The Power of Strategic Networking
Meridith will present the art and science of strategic networking. Learn the five core principles you need to implement to develop a network that is easy to create, fun to build, and produces results.
Develop a strategy that takes the stress out of networking. You will understand how to use relationships to get whatever it is you want!

Write a full 1-and-a-half to 2 page single-spaced paper with 3 labeled sections as follows:

Extra Credit paper will not be accepted after 12noon on Friday, April 30th. (If you will not be on campus at this time, turn it in earlier.)

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