Elevator Pitches

Mgmt 379: Changing the World

ReThink: Art
Adam Cable
My intent is to create a study group to regularly discuss social and world issues, and how they apply to art. We often do not take the time to evaluate where we are going, what we are doing, and what we intend to accomplish when working within a global community - I feel that this is something all responsible students of the arts should do. I hope to foster a dialog among students and place emphasis on actively engaging these discussed issues, both individually and as a group.

Team Origin
Mark Nussbaum and Jeremy Woods
For over 150 years advocates of natural selection are still left searching for a definitive testimony of facts to uphold Darwin.s idea of common ancestry. The problem with the theory of evolution being required in public high schools is that it.s usually presented as factual when in reality portions of the curriculum have already been disproven. Our goal is to have these outdated figures and examples removed from the classroom. If you share a concern over this issue, we welcome your support.

Girls on the Run
Christy Traylor
I am working to organize a committee of women in the area to start a Girls on the Run for Polk and Rutherford Counties. Girls on the Run is a program designed for girls in 3rd through 8th grades that combines training for a 5k with healthy living education. At these ages our girls are making decisions about which paths to choose in life. Would you like to take part in Girls on the Run in our area so that we may have a positive impact on our young ladies here in Polk and Rutherford counties?

P.N.P. - Pets not Profit
Ryan Bostic
Last year over 4000 unwanted pets were put to sleep at the Asheville Humane Society Shelter. Spaying and neutering helps reduce the need for so many euthanizations, but the problem is that people continue to breed pets to sell in our area. Pets not Profits was started to raise awareness and combat for-profit pet breeding. By focusing on at-home breeders and their effect on the pet population P.N.P. reduces the number of euthanizations by reducing the number of pets in Western North Carolina. This sets itself apart from the numerous pet organizations in the area. Would you be interested in helping our cause?

Getting Fit in the Pharmacy
Matthew Sanders
My goal is to lead change in the Wal-Mart pharmacy by helping at least 7 pharmacy associates lose 15 pounds in a 3 month span. This will help get them in better physical shape and promote a healthy lifestyle. I plan to lead this change by implementing an exercise and nutritional program for them that will allow them to lose weight and feel better.

D.M.S.A (Drugs and Mandatory Sentencing Awareness)
Randall Warren
Did you know that three drug possession charges will net you several years in prison? This is a direct result of mandatory minimum sentencing in our justice system. Not only is this a waste of tax dollars, it is filling up our prisons and in turn is releasing a significant portion of rapists and murderers. My goal is to lead a local movement to remove mandatory minimums from our justice system.

Think Twice [about debt]
Whitney King
Our generation has been dubbed .generation debt.. Since 2000, the personal savings rate has fallen to -2.9%. Combine that with the average debt a student graduates with, $23,000, and the youth of today certainly are living up to their name. With such an exponential increase in debt, today.s youth are set to be the first American generation that will not enjoy a higher standard of living than their parents. To remedy the situation, it is my goal to get youth to start thinking early about the impact that debt can have on their lives. By educating high school seniors, they can hopefully make sound financial decisions and think twice about debt.

Going White
Colleen Marsh
If you could positively impact the environment with minimal effort why wouldn't you? Using organic cotton is one of the easiest ways you can reduce chemical population of our ground water and soil. For ever pound of cotton that is organically grown there is one-third pound less chemicals in our environment. If you think about how much how much cotton is in your wardrobe you can see what a huge impact you could have by just switching to organic. I'm trying to convert as many people as possible over to using organic cotton. Would you like to know where you can get organic cotton?