Elevator Pitches
for student projects in
Women Changing the World

Chialia Yang and Ashley DeVino
We will produce a video to showcase the student projects in the Women Changing the World class at UNCA. By documenting and broadcasting the video, we hope to inspire and motivate other young girls and women, who also want to make changes in the world they live in. The video will ultimately inform people that passionate and confident ideas can lead to numerous ways of changing the world and its people.

Alyssa Smith and Kendra Jones
Japan has the second largest economy in the world. Many American companies are doing business with Japan. Our goal is to get UNC Asheville to offer a Japanese language class by 2014.

Alanna Turner
I would like to create better awareness and effectiveness of pet therapy. Pet therapy is an effective method between a certified pet therapist and their therapy dog, in which they go into hospitals among other places to relieve stress and bring happiness to anyone from children, adults, and even elders. I will hold an event to explain this amazing therapy and get many more people to donate and possibly become certified pet therapist through the organization PAWS for a purpose.

Erica Crosby
Being distracted while driving can be as dangerous as driving under the influence of alcohol. Texting while driving forces one.s eyes off the road, which can cause accidents and deaths. I want 100 people to sign a pledge promising to put their cell phones away while driving. I will provide them with information that influences them to stop. I will give them a token to hang in their rear view mirror that will remind them of the dangers of texting and driving every time they get in the car.

Elizabeth Schultz
Acid attacks are a form of violence where Nitric, Sulfuric, or Hydrochloric acid is thrown in the face of the victim. These kind of attacks are happening around the world & 80% of the victims are female. I would like to raise awareness of acid violence by screening the 2009 film Facing Face at the University of North Carolina at Asheville and ask for donations to help the victims of these attacks.

Emily Watson
I believe that offering Massage Therapy at the local women's shelter, Helpmate, could enhance their rehabilitation programs by introducing safe and compassionate touch to the abuse survivors. Speaking for myself, as well as other Massage Therapists, many of us feel a desire to volunteer our services to people in need. However, the time and energy required to organize the volunteer work usually keeps most of us from committing. My goal is to create a bridge between a few Massage Therapists and Helpmate, and to organize a regular massage therapy schedule for the residents of the shelter.

Theresa Collosso
Most of us are accustomed to sleeping in a bed every night, eating three times a day, and having access to clean water. We tend to forget that these are simple luxuries that thousands of others are living without. Homelessness remains an invisible problem, despite its growing rate. I am bringing attention to this overlooked issue by organizing an event on campus that will collect donations for the Asheville Homeless Network and give UNCA students the opportunity to experience what it.s like to sleep under their own cardboard shelters for one night.

Lindsey Thompson and Kristina Batick
One of the top reasons why women stay in abusive relationships is that they are financially dependent on their abuser. Our goal is to help at least two women at the the Mainstay Women's Shelter in Hendersonville to become financially independent through our bimonthly finance sessions with the women. We will help them to leave the abusive relationship and to start a new life with the confidence and knowledge to do so.

Andrea Wheeler
I am going to persuade 50 people to stop using water bottles and start using a reusable container. I will inform them about the drawbacks of using water bottles, and tell them the benefits of using a reusable container. I am going to offer them a chance to win one of five reusable containers to help them stop using plastic bottles and start using reusable containers.

Erin Montgomery and Beth Prymock
Children in poverty consistently have a difficult time excelling in their academics. We feel that it is important to become involved with Big Brothers Big Sisters who will match us with a child in need of mentoring. Through the after school mentoring program, we will each work one-on-one with a young person to help him or her become successful in academics and other aspects of life.

Ashley Peterson
(coming soon)