Elevator Pitches

Mgmt 373: Leading Organizational Change

Monica A. Ray Tellez and Tim Betzel

Did you know every one minute, one million plastic bags are consumed, 10 percent are recycled, and even fewer biodegrade? We are attempting help this problem by encouraging usage of biodegradable bags and reusable bags at our campus bookstore. Our goal is to improve our campuses green image while helping our environment.

Ashley Gowen

Do you want to be fulfilled in life? Want a job that's meaningful to you? College is important step in life and many children are choosing not to take it. With the current state of the economy and job market become extremely competitive, attending college is almost a necessity to guarantee a sustainable and satisfying job. By talking to high school children about what's stopping them from taking that step, I hope to change the minds of some children.

Margot Sutton

I am trying to rejuvenate our Green Team to make it more active and effective at the Olive Garden restaurant. Though there are a few things we have already done to help the environment here, I feel as though there is a lot more we can do to make our restaurant more sustainable. Hopefully, by doing this, our restaurant can be a leading example for all other Olive Gardens to be more green, too. I.ll let you know when the next Green Team meeting is so maybe you can come share any ideas you might have to reduce waste or save energy here.

Kaitlyn McDaniel

Did you know that the Biltmore Company is one of the largest sponsors of Mission Hospital.s exercise program Lighten Up 4 Life; however there are no employees actively participating in Lighten Up 4 Life? The program empowers its members by offering a variety of options to meet your health objectives. I want to get our company involved in this program by getting at least eight people to join and meet their weight loss goal. Exercising regularly can improve our mood, help combat chronic disease, and help us manage our weight. By joining Lighten Up 4 Life now, we could enjoy the benefits of exercise together!

Jason Gum

Wolf-dogs and captive bred wolves pose a unique set of challenges for our area. Where do they belong? What do we do with them? Full Moon Farm, a shelter in Black Mountain, NC, rescues, looks after, and seeks adoptions for these amazing animals. They are non profit and rely completely on donations and sponsorships to provide for their residents. Provided you meet their requirements, you too can take one home and discover just how wonderful they really are, all while keeping an otherwise homeless animal off the streets and out of danger. Would you like to know more?

Stephanie Wood

Did you know that the work load for the e-commerce staff has been nearly doubled? This team is now in need of additional support and I have developed a strategy to support their team. I intend to increase the number of e-commerce team members through the cross training of other call center individuals who are interested in learning something new! This will allow our team to grow together while maintaining, not increasing, the salary dollars our department has in place. Let me know if you are interested in helping with training strategies or being a member of the cross trained team!

Shannon Bingham

Did you know that many counties in North Carolina and in other states host sessions about healthy eating for recipients of food stamps, but McDowell County does not? The existing program allows families great flexibility in what can be purchased, and often nutrition takes a back seat to sweets and junk foods. You can stand in any checkout line at any grocery store and observe that the quantity of junk food in the carts often exceeds half the amount of the total order. In a state that is ranked 12th in the country for obesity, careful consideration needs to be given to nutritional awareness in the orientation process for new and existing applicants. I would like to start a nutritional awareness program for new and existing food stamps card-holders. By doing this, families can be made aware of the foods they should purchase with their EBT cards that would be to their nutritional and healthful advantage.