Assignment 2, 10 points

Attend one of the following presentations:

January 28, 12:15, Owen Conference Center
The Evolution of Human Resources . From Personnel Administration to Strategic HR
Aligning HR with business planning and operations; maximizing your "seat at the table," and understanding the importance of HR in leading and supporting organizational change.

March 25, 12:15, Owen Conference Center
John T. Goehrke, Chief Executive Officer, siXis, Inc.
Ethics: Black or white, or shades of gray
Every day in business you will be faced with the challenge of making ethical decisions. There will not always be an obvious "black or white" choice. In this global economy, cultural differences, the legal system, and conflicting interests all add to the complexity of making the right decision.
Mr. Goehrke, a senior executive with 30 years of business experience, will lead a broad discussion filled with real-world examples that will help you be better prepared when faced with your own ethical challenges.

April 8, 12:15, Owen Conference Center
Meridith Powell, Profit Strategist (for more information)
Small Investment - Big Return: The Power of Strategic Networking

April 22, 5:00pm, UNC Asheville Reuter Center, Manheimer Room (for more information)
Steven Abrams, Shift Happens

Write a one-page singled-spaced paper on how this presentation applies to the material you learned in the "Leading Organizational Change" class.

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