Mgmt 220: Foundations of Management

Instructor: Dr. Mary Lynn Manns

Drop-in office hours: Monday & Friday 1:15-2:15
Wednesday & Friday 11:00-12:00
If these hours are not convenient, please make an appointment.

Teaching is my responsibility. But learning is your responsibility. This means that it is your responsibility to ask if there is something you don't understand or if you have any concerns. I am easily reachable in any of the following ways:
* during my office hours (above)
* by appointment outside my office hours
* via phone
* via email

The date of Exam 3 has been changed to April 22.

Class Schedule

"Topic of the Week"
There will be six Topic of the Week assignments. Each team will prepare five written
and one presentation/discussion/written.
See handout #1, section II, for more information.

Topics for "Topic of the Week" assignments
"Topic of the Week" presentations

Exam Dates:
Please note on handout #1: There are no make-ups or opportunities for early exams
Thursday, February 20
Tuesday, March 25
Thursday, April 22
(Comprehensive Final) Thursday, May 15

Citing References
Reminder: We will use the APA style in this class

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