Machine Shop Management

Saferly, Inc. manufactures two types of kitchen utensils: knives and forks. Both must be processed and polished. The shop manager estimates that there will be a maximum of 70 hours available next week in the pressing machine center and 100 hours in the polishing center. Each case of knives requires an estimated 12 minutes (0.2 hour) of pressing and 30 minutes (0.5 hour) of polishing, while each case of forks requires 24 minutes (0.4 hour) of pressing and 15 minutes (0.25 hour) of polishing. The company can sell as many knives as it produces at the prevailing market price of $12 per case. Forks can be sold for $9 per case. It costs $4 to produce a case of knives and $3 to produce a case of forks. Saferly wants to determine how many cases of knives and forks the company should produce to maximize total dollar profit.