Honors 492

Assignment #3

Speaker Critiques

Due date: October 24


Critique two presentations given by two different types of speakers. Each of your typed critiques will have the thirteen sections listed below, with final comments at the end about what you learned. Feel free to be brief in all your comments.

1) Describe the speaker (setting, topic, type of speaker, etc. -- but no names).

2) Was the presentation organized? Why or why not?

3) Was the audience told the purpose of the presentation somewhere in the beginning/introduction?

4) Was the voice of the presenter clear and understandable?

5) Were appropriate visual aids included? Did these aids support or hinder the presentation? Were they easy to read? Why or why not?

If there were no visual aids, were they needed? Would they have enhanced the presentation?

6) Did the speaker have appropriate eye contact with the audience?

7) Did the speaker have any annoying gestures? Describe.

8) Was the content of the presentation gauged appropriately for the type of audience?

9) Was the length of the presentation appropriate for the material which the presenter was trying to cover?

10) Did it appear that the presenter had adequately prepared?

11) Do you have any comments on the speaker=s attire? Was it appropriate?

12) Was the presentation summarized, or otherwise appropriately concluded, at the end?

13) any other comments on the presentation

At the end of your critiques, state at least one thing you learned you should do when you are presenting your research and at least one thing you learned you should not do.