Simplex Minimization Problem

Example and

Assignment #4

20 points

Due: September 14

X1 = bags of Super-gro

X2 = bags of Crop-quick

Zmin = $6X1 + $3X2

subject to:

2X1 + 4 X2 >= 16 lbs of nitrogen

4X1 + 3X2 >= 24 lbs of phosphate

X1, X2 >= 0

Recall that we did this problem earlier in the semester. We solved it with the graphical method. We will now solve it with the Simplex method.

Here are the first two iterations of the problem. Draw the remaining tableaus and circle the optimal solution when you reach the final tableau. Then, enter the problem into STORM. Print the detailed report (2 screens) and circle the optimal solution on your printout. Attach a typed report to management that explains the values of all the variables.