Introducing Patterns (or any new idea) into Organizations

Steven Fraser, Nortel Networks,

2305 Mission College Blvd., Santa Clara, CA. 95054, USA





Steven Fraser is a senior manager in Global External Research in the Nortel Networks Disruptive Technology program in Santa Clara, California. "Disruptive technology", as coined by Clayton Christ


From 1998 to 2000, he was an advisor in knowledge transfer for object-oriented software development best practices across lines-of-business. Prior to this he managed a design process engineering t





There are strong parallels between patterns and domain models which were we reported at the IEEE Software Reuse Symposium in 1995 (




Name: Design Forum





You're an Evangelist trying to introduce design best practices into your organization








How can you gather best practices, package, share, and deliver value in a web-time world?





Make it easy for people to contribute "their stuff", peer review, and develop a program without significant administrative process. Create and promote an event that does not require intrusive trav



Resulting Context:


Create a cycle of sharing and partnerships, develop spin-offs, add value, and reduce reinvention.





People like to show-and-tell. A good show can be memorable.



Known Uses:


Established within Nortel Networks since 1992 with multiple specialized spin-off forums.



Related Patterns:


Evangelist, Early Adopters, Grass Roots, Dedicated Champion, Corporate Angel, Do Food, Involve Everyone, Big Jolt, In your Face.





Steven Fraser