Extra Credit Opportunity... a chance to discover your inner CEO... and free lunch too!

5 extra credit points

Attend Finding Your Inner CEO: Why Executive Coaching Gets Results! presentation on September 30th at 12:15 in Owen Conference Center. See the instructions for your short paper below.

Vicki Escude, M.A., Master Certified Coach
Finding Your Inner CEO: Why Executive Coaching Gets Results!
Discover the coaching secrets to success that keep Fortune 500 executives effective as leaders, resilient in times of economic distress, and able to inspire employees. potential and productivity. Executive Coaching gives leaders the edge to be on top of their game and to follow their dreams. Find out how to start your leadership journey by connecting with your own Inner CEO!
Vicki Escude is a Master Certified Coach, and has been owner of Executive Leadership Coaching, LLC for 13 years. She provides professional coaching and seminars internationally to corporate leaders, teams and entrepreneurs, helping them to overcome obstacles to success, become highly effective leaders, and create satisfying work/life balance. She is a coach educator on the faculty of the University of Texas-Dallas School of Management Masters and Coach Certification Program, as well as two other Internationally Accredited Coach Training Organizations. Escude is the author of several coaching books: Create Your Day with Intention and Getting Everything You Want and Going for More, and is a contributing author of The Philosophy and Practice of Coaching.

*FREE lunch will be provided!

For more information on this event, see the Student Management Association web site


Write a full 1-and-a-half to 2 page single-spaced paper with 3 labeled sections as follows:

Extra Credit paper is due one week later, on Thursday, October 7th. (If you will not be on campus at this time, turn it in earlier.)