Committee Worksheet DRAFT
for the upcoming 2005-2006 school year

Click here to view** worksheet draft

**Note: To find your particular committee(s), use the small scroll buttons/arrows at the bottom and side of the worksheet.

This worksheet is only a draft! Therefore, University Service Council is asking your help -- If you are member of a standing committee, please view your committee(s) in the worksheet and check the following four things:

(1) Are the committee positions correct and complete?
(2) Are the names of the current members correct?
(3) Are the names of the members who will continue on this committee in 2005-2006 correct?
(4) Are the positions that will be open in 2005/2006 correct?

Once you have viewed your committees, please respond to Mary Lynn Manns ( to let her know if everything is OK or if changes need to be made. Please respond one way or the other so that the University Service Council knows that all committees have been checked. Thank you!

New members for STANDING COMMITTEES will be chosen according to Senate Document SD5304S