Busy Slides

Athena Anderson



Presentation slides are confusing or contain too much




-The presenter has an abundance of information to discuss, and must do so

in a manner that is clear and understandable to the audience. 

-This often results in slides with too much information which either

causes confusion, or lures the audience to read the slide rather than

listen to the speaker.



Attempt to utilize several slides with concise information on

them, rather than a few that are cluttered or unfocused.  Use bullet

statements on slides as cues and explain details while talking.  The

presenter may need to eliminate some information to avoid creating too

many slides.  Also, the presenter may wish to ask the opinions of

respected friends on the quality of the slides.



Using many slides could make a presentation too long; the

audience may become confused if slides are flipped in front of them

rapidly.  A presentation may be more understandable to viewers if slides

are focused and concise.


Known Uses:

Colloquium and symposium presentations, class lectures,

journal article presentations.