A manufacturing company produces two products, A and B, at two different plants, 1 and 2.  Plant 1 has resources available to produce 500 units of either product (or a combination of products) daily, and plant 2 has enough resources to produce 800 units.  The cost for each product at each plant is as follows.



Product A

Product B

Plant 1

Plant 2






Plant 1 has a daily budget of $20,000, and plant 2 has a budget of $30,000.  Based on past sales, the company knows it cannot sell more than 600 units of product A and 800 units of product B.  The selling price for product A is $80 and for product B is $70.  The company wishes to know the number of units of A and B to produce at plants 1 and 2 to maximize profits.


Formulate a linear programming model for this problem.