Mgmt 491

International Presentation and Written Report

Evaluation Form


(evaluation by instructor and members of the class)


See the third page of the “Course Policies” sheet for a description of this project.



Team  ______________________________________                                  Date  ______________

Organization  _______________________________________



Both the paper and the presentation will be evaluated on these items:



                                                                                    Possible Points              Points Earned


Introduction to industry and corporation                                       10

            (include mission statement)


Current Structure/Description:


            Organizational chart                                                       10


            Operations                                                                    10

            (a breakdown of what they do)


            Marketing                                                                     10

            (marketing techniques they use, dollars spent, etc.)


            Human Resources                                                         10

            (information for present and potential employees)


            Portfolio Strategic Fit                                                     10

            (what they do vs. what they say they do)


            Technology                                                                   10

            (how they use technology)


            Competition                                                                   10

            (domestic and international)


            Finances                                                                       10

            (revenue, expenses, profits, capital, ratios, etc.)




            Ethical behavior                                                             10

            (examples:  any lawsuits or employee claims?, does

            the organization give back to the community?)


            Strategic behavior                                                          10

            (plans for the future)


General Analysis:                     

(see your Mgmt 480 notes and book for more information)


            Five Forces Model                                                         10                                

            (industry-level analysis of customers, supplies, central

            rivalry, substitute products, entry of new competitors)


            SWOT analysis                                                             10

            (internal strengths and weaknesses which the     

            organization can use to maximize the opportunities

            and minimize the threats that are external to the



Industry trends                                                                          10

            (products and strategies in the industry)


Supporting materials/exhibits and references                               10



TOTAL                                                                                    150