Primary Focus


Reading Assignments Due

Aug 22nd

The Nature and Importance of Leadership



Aug 29th

Ethical Leadership


Reflection Paper (1 Page)

Why Should Anyone Follow Me

  • Poem
  • Leadership Studies Overview
  • Leadership Definitions
  • Overview of Leadership Theories
  • The Relational Leadership Model
  • Can Leadership Be Learned
  • Leadership Models and Theories: A Brief Overview
  • Why Everyone in an Enterprise Can—and …
  • Leadership in the Twenty-First Century
  • Moral Courage
  • Capturing the Spirit of Opportunity: Leadership …
  • Dilemma: Right vs. Right
  • Reaching for What’s Right
  • Public Values in a Divided World: A Mandate for …


Sept 5th







Sept 12th

Culturally Diverse Aspects of Leadership

Reflection Paper (2 Pages) Crisis of Leadership

  • Values 101
  • The Cry for Leadership
  • The Crisis of Leadership
  • (TBD – Patti to Provide)

Sept 19th


Motivating and Empowering Leadership

Outline of Leader Interview Paper


Sept 26th

Influence and Persuasion


Team project status report


October 3rd

Leadership in Context


Reflection Paper (2 Pages)

Serving Self and Others


Oct 10th

Communication and Conflict Resolution 

Presentation (10/5) & Paper (5 Pages)

Leader Interview (Peer Assignment)


Oct 17th

Leading Teams


Team project status report


Oct 24th

Power, Politics and Leadership


Presentation (5/3) & Paper (6 Pages) Leadership Book Review


Nov 7th

Leading Change


Call to Action Paper (x Pages)


Nov 14th

Charismatic and Transformational Leadership

Case Analysis (3 Pages)

Cuban Missile Crisis


Nov 21st


Creativity, Innovation and Leadership

Team project status report


Nov 28th

Leading Quietly

Reflection Paper (1 Page & answers to questions)

2006 Plans


Dec 5th


Final Exam Period


Presentation (30/20) & Paper (8 Pages)

Consulting Team Project