Check List for Succeeding in Mgmt 386

1) Are you attending every class meeting? This is the #1 recommendation from students in this course during past semesters.

2) Do you arrive on time for class? When you are late, it can be difficult to catch up.

3) Do you take notes on everything? Don't wait for something to be written on board; instead, take notes on everything!

4) Do you complete the reading assignments BEFORE you attend the class in which the reading is due?

5) Do you ask questions on anything you don't understand in the readings?

6) Do you ask a question the moment you don't understand something during class?

7) Do you take 10-15 minutes to read over your notes at least two times within 24 hours after the class meeting?

8) If there is something you don't understand when you read over your notes, do you ask about it immediately during the next class meeting?