Grading Guidelines for THIS IS COOL


(Further details about all of these items can be found on handout #1)





* Choose either an article or an interview:



            -  a business use (not a personal use) of technology and/or an information system

-  selected from a management/business publication from the last 3 months (a business/management publication has business and management issues as its focus)



            -  a person who works in an information systems area


* Select an appropriate topic:


-  Do not choose articles that appear as reading assignments on the Mgmt386 web page.

-  Do not choose articles or interviews that are a “sales pitch” for a particular product.

-  Choose only those articles that you understand (or you risk putting yourself in a position where you may be asked questions you cannot answer).


* Mail correct information emailed to instructor one week before due.  (See handout #1 for the information that must be in this email message.)





Full page, single-spaced (font size 11 or 12)


Typed, stapled


Cover page with required information (see handout #1)


Two sections:


            Relationship to Mgmt 386


Reference in MLA format


Correct spelling, grammar, language





Error-free PowerPoint slides


Timing at 3-5 minutes


Clear, concise, and interesting