Women Changing the World
Elevator Pitches
Spring 2012

Caroline Curry

I am organizing an event for a group of foster children that will teach them how to fish as well as encourage them to appreciate the environment we live in. Exposure to the outdoors now will stay with them throughout their lives and guide them as they inherit the safe-keeping of our Earth. Join me in volunteering your time to help educate our youth!

Kyja Wilburn & Patty Knoepp

We are going to run a radical leadership retreat for the student groups supported by the intercultural center. We will lead the participants in practicing non-violent communication and discussing inequalities. We hope that as a result of the retreat more students will identify themselves as leaders dedicated to social justice.

Hallie Sheaffer

We're preventing discrimination from entering the NC constitution by raising awareness of Amendment One. Amendment One will appear on the May 8 ballot and states that the only legal domestic union in NC will be marriage between a man and a woman. If enacted, this amendment would take domestic violence protection away from thousands of children, harm families, and tell certain citizens that they are second-class. Would you pledge to vote against Amendment One?

Justine Reid
A Good Cause Yard Sale

Millions of little girls become orphans in China every year. Half the Sky Foundation rovides loving care to these children. I'm collecting donations of gently used items to hold a yard sale at the end of March to raise enough money to sponsor an orphan for one year. Donating your stuff would make a difference in a child's life.

Ashlyn Holland

Do you want to broaden your horizons by making a difference in the life of an abused child? There are dozens of child abuse cases every day; a child whos beaten, neglected, or left on the streets to die. Through small group gatherings, I plan on making and selling recycled can tab bracelets to raise money to donate to ChildHelp USA in Tennessee NC. Come join me for a night of movies and popcorn while we watch Lifetimes movie For the love of a Child and enjoy making bracelets together. Do it For the love of a Child. Be the difference in their lives, and create bracelets of change.

Chrissy Moran and Emily Sgroi

Have you ever wanted to walk barefoot all day everyday with the feeling of a constant splinter living in your foot? Many people don.t have the choice to choose otherwise. We are partnering with TOMS to host a . One Day Without Shoes. and shoe drive to donate shoes to third world countries and to have students gain compassion and awareness of the problem. JOIN US!

Andrew Kirk
A Mission To Heal A Community Through Music

I want to raise awareness and provide support for victims of inhuman acts in war-affected countries, namely the families and children that are victimized by the Lord's Resistance Army in Northern Uganda. Children are abducted and used for war and in response, the parents who have no control have created the Concerned Parents Association. They need help. I want to put on a musical event using the promotional strategies of the music industry to raise awareness and funding for this organization.