Case Segment #5



Cassie has the following software on her in-store computer system:

- sign-making software (she was trained on this during her 2 weeks of orientation at the main office in Florida)

- digital camera software

- Microsoft Windows

- Microsoft Office


It is quite obvious what she can do with the first two software packages.


What business functions can she accomplish with the last two? Be specific. Explain each function you recommend. Include the benefits she can realize and challenges she faces with each one.


What other software would you recommend for her? List and explain at least one, and give reasons for your recommendation(s). Include some pertinent information for Cassie (and the URL) from the web page of the company whose software you are recommending.




Mr. Charles Massey will be the guest speaker on this topic. He has extensive experience working with small businesses to help them with their computer systems he has many stories to tell. While he can be helpful with this segment, he will not give you the specific answers and he cannot be your only reference for this segment. See the syllabus on the course web page for the date of his presentation.


I will be out of town at a conference October 13-19. I will not have access to email during this time.