Unitarian Universalist Church (A Guided Tour)

Leng Ghuy, Sophia Krieg, Emanuel Hartman, David Eron


Explore the Asheville Unitarian Universalist Church in this virtual guided tour. Each room details the church's rich history. As you enter different areas of the Church, a narrator will offer information about the Unity symbols which you can use to trigger information about the history of the church.


UnitarianChurchSimulationBySLED.zip Note: The executable contained in this zip requires a 64-bit processor and 8GB RAM Recommend Windows-10 Operating System

Simulation Instructions


Keyboard Key/Mouse Action
up arrow or 'w' forward
left arrow or 'a' move left
down arrow or 's' backward
right arrow or 'd' move right
'm' pause
spacebar jump
mouse orient camera -- like moving your head around

More Details:

Using the navigation keys and interacting with the menu pop-ups, your goal is to collect all of the golden Unitarian symbols scattered throughout the church. Once you approach a symbol, a menu will prompt you with a question concerning information about the UUnitarian church. All answers can be found by exploring the corresponding website. You must be careful, as if you answer too many questions wrong, you will be forced to restart. Once completed and all 10 golden Unitarian symbols are collected, you’ll be able to walk-around and explore the Sanctuary and the Sandburg Hall of Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Asheville.

Project completed in partial fulfillment of Spring 2017 CSCI 373.001: Games Programming with UNC Asheville

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