Unitarian Universalist Church (A Learning Experience)

Chance Cooper, Michael DuBose, Dale Wright, Kaleb Owens,


UnitarianChurchSimulationByDKCM.zip Note: The executable contained in this zip requires a 64-bit processor and 8GB RAM Recommend Windows-10 Operating System


In this interactive experience, you will learn about the Unitarian Universalist Church, its beliefs, its history, and its call to action in terms of social justice. Explore the rooms of a virtual building to locate answers to questions that appear.

Simulation Instructions


Keyboard Key/Mouse Action
up arrow or 'w' move up
left arrow or 'a' move left
down arrow or 's' move down
right arrow or 'd' move right
'e' interact with doors and objects

Project completed in partial fulfillment of Spring 2017 CSCI 373.001: Games Programming with UNC Asheville

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