Agudas Israel Congregation (A Virtual Exploration)

Dylan Cromer, Michael Luney, Matthew Peek, Mike Seils, Eric Wetherill


The Agudas Israel Synagogue was built through the determined hard work and time its many passionate members. In this simulation, step into management shoes, and actively raise funds for the construction of the synagogue. As you explore, depictions of real events will appear. Read real world documents to garner hints about the best way to tackle problems. Be aware that decisions result in different outcomes (notably, different amounts of funds raised). throughout the experience different characters may join you and aid in raising funds through donating or completing tasks and providing supplies. Upon raising the required funds, the synagogue is constructed you are presented an evaluation on how quickly you accomplished the project.

Download Note: The executable contained in this zip requires a 64-bit processor and 8GB RAM Recommend Windows-10 Operating System

Simulation Instructions

Keyboard Key/Mouse Action
up arrow or 'w' forward
left arrow or 'a' move left
down arrow or 's' backward
right arrow or 'd' move right
E or spacebar E to interact with characters
ESC or Tab Pause Simulation

More Details:

In 1920’s Hendersonville, you must traverse the town and help raise the funds for the Agudas Israel Synagogue. As you travel through town will meet various helpful people who will ask you to complete various tasks.

Project completed in partial fulfillment of Spring 2017 CSCI 373.001: Games Programming with UNC Asheville

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