Tour09 - - Scandinavia, the Baltics, Poland, Czech Rep., Slovakia, Hungary, Austria, Switzerland, Germany

I'll be starting from Hamburg on May 23rd, heading north to Denmark. After riding/ferrying in Denmark, Sweden, and Finland, I'll plan to head south through the Baltics to Poland. I'll cross Poland - some of this may be by train - to Wroclaw, visit and ride with Robert Mink near Wroclaw, then ride into the Czech Republic and head south through Slovakia to Gyor Hungary. From Gyor, I'll head east through the Austrian Alps to Basel Switzerland. From Basel I'll head northeast through Germany, stopping to visit my daughter in Tubingen, heading for the headwater area of the Elbe river in the Czech Republic and then riding down the Elbe back to Hamburg.

The above route map is no longer operative - see day02 below

My final route

I'll be starting again from Hamburg, heading for Travemunde and a ferry to Sweden. In Sweden, I'll visit relatives near Lund and then ride up the eastern coast to Uppsala. Then I need to get back down to the southern end of Sweden to take a ferry to Swinoujscie, Poland which is the north End of the Oder Radweg.

I'll ride the Oder Radweg down to Gorlitz and then head east to Jary, Poland to visit Robert Mink and his family. Then I'll ride back west to Dresden and ride up the Elbe Radweg to near Uelzen for another visit and then on to Hamburg for the end of my tour.

Day01: Hamburg to Timmendorfer Strand

Day02: Waiting in Gyor

Day03: Going to Denmark

Day04: A full day of riding in Denmark Sakskobing to Koge

Day05: Koge, Denmark to Verberod, Sweden

Day06: Verberod to Ahus, Sweden

Day07: Ahus to Simrishamns, Sweden

Day08: Simrishamns, Sweden to Swinoujscie, Poland

Day09: Swinoujscie, Poland to Anklam, Germany

Day10: Anklam to Friedrichshof, Germany

Day11: Friedrichshof to Pritzhagen, Germany

Day12: Pritzhagen, Germany to Lubin, Poland

~Day13: Lubin to Lubsko, Poland

Day14: Lubsko, Poland to Calau, Germany

Day15: Calau to Wittenberg, Germany

Day16: Wittenberg to Dalldorf, Germany

Day17: Dalldorf to Magdeburg, Germany

Day18: Magdeburg to Tangermundi, Germany

Day19: Tangermundi to Wittenberge, Germany

Day20: Wittenberge to Dalldorf, Germany

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