My route through Portugal and Spain

Day 1: Charlotte US to Lisbon, Portugal
Day 2: Lisbon to Sines, Portugal
Day 3: Sines To Carrapateria , Portugal
Day 4: Carrapateria to Lago, Portugal
Day 5: Lago, Portugal to Ayemonte, Spain
Day 6: Ayemonte to Sevilla, Spain
Day 7: Sevilla to Cordoba, Spain
Day 8: Cordoba to Granada, Spain
Day 9: Granada to Costellon, Spain
Day 10: Costellon to L'Hospitalet de l'Infant, Spain
Day 11: L'Hospitalet de l'Infant to Barcelona, Spain
Day 12: Ripoll, Spain to Saillagouse, France

My route in France, Switzerland, Austria and Italy

Day 13: Saillagouse to Les Martys, France
Day 14: Les Martys to Clermont l'Heuralt, France
Day 15: Clermont l'Heuralt to near Nimes, France
Day 16: near Nimes to Pertius, France
Day 17: Pertius to Castellane, France - The Gorges of Verdon
Day 18: Castellane to Gap, France
Day 19: Gap to Grenoble, France
Day 20: Grenoble to Chambery, France
Day 21: Chambery to Gex, France
Day 22: Gex, France to Ligerz, Switzerland
Day 23: Ligerz to Neunkirch, Switzerland
Day 24: Neunkirch, Switzerland to Tieringen, Germany
Day 25: Tieringen to Magstadt, Germany
Day 26: Magstadt to Olm and on to Landsberg am Lech by train, Germany
Day 27: Landsberg am Lech to Farchant, Germany
Day 28 Farchant, Germany to Landeck, Austria
Day 29: Landeck, Austria to Naturno, Italy
Day 30: Naturno to Egna , It
Day 31: Egna to Montebelluna, Italy
Day 32: Montebelluna, Italy to Kobarid, Slovenia
Day 33: Kobarid to Skofja Loka, Slovenia
Day 34: Skofja Loka to Novo Mesto, Slovenia

My route in central Euroupe

Day 35: Novo Mesto, Slovenia to Donja Stubica, Croatia
Day 36: Donja Stubica to Durdevac, Croatia
Day 37: Durdevac, Croatia to Pecs, Hungary
Day 38: Pecs to Morahalom, Hungary
Day 39: Morahalom, Hungary to Arad, Romania
Day 40: Arad to Deva, Romania
Day 41: Deva to Sibiu, Romania
Day 42: Sibiu to Brasov, Romania
Brasov, Romania
Day 43: Brasov to Racu, Romania
Day 44: Racu to Reghin, Romania
Day 45: Reghin to Dej, Romania
Day 46: Dej to Satu Mare, Romania
Day 47: Satu Mare, Romania to Nyugyhia, Hungary
Day 48: Nyugyha, Hungary to Kosice, SLovakia
Day 49: Kosice to Lovoca, Slovenia
Day 50: Levoca, Slovakia to Nowy Targ, Poland
Day 51: Nowy Targ to Oswiecim, Poland
Hamburg and getting back to the USA

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