Summer and Smog on the Blue Ridge Parkway

Over the past decade smog has become more and more of a problem where I live and ride. When I first moved here in 1985, there were occassional hazy days in the summer. By 1995 there were occasional clear days. Now, in the year 2000, there is nothing but hazy and hazier. We now have four seasons: Fall, Winter, Spring, and Smog. Smog season lasts from May to October.

This is the view from Mount Mitchell looking south east, photographed in February, 2000
Green Knob, at the right side of the picture, is about three miles away

This is the same view, photographed in May, 2000 on a 'clear' day - on a really smoggy day you can't see Green Knob!

If you actually want to see the views, and they are well worth seeing, from the southern part of the Blue Ridge Parkway, you better come here in the winter!