This fall I spent most of October in western North Carolina, but I also spent two days each in Hungary, Austria, and Germany. My first 'Fall Picture' is one I took while flying home from Europe. We flew just south of Greenland, and I took a lot of images of the coast of this, very wintry, country.

My visit in Europe started and ended in Budapest. The weather in Hungary was dreary that week and fall colors were muted.

I was in Vienna for a couple of nights, travelling to/from Germany. The ICE train rides from Vienna to Hamburg, Germany were quite nice and I took a lot of pictures while riding on those fast trains.

When I got back from Europe, and recovered from jet lag ;-}, I rode to my friend Don Patterson's house near the Mount Mitchell Golf Course. The ride out was cloudy, windy and cold, but the ride back the next day was beautiful.

Europe was fun (and exhausting) but western NC is prettier!