Systems Analysis & Design (CSCI 342) Syllabus

Whitten, Bentley and Barlow.Systems Analysis & Design Methods. 3rd Edition, Irwin 1994. 867 pages.
Tuesday 6:00-8:30
220 Zageir Hall
Susan Reiser
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Description: CSCI 342 will cover the systems analyst, information systems, problem definition and problem solving; a systems development life cycle, system modeling with Data Flow Diagrams, data dictionary, policy and procedure, systems design tools and techniques, project management, fact-finding, communications skills, feasibility and cost benefit analysis.

Homework: Homework will be taken up and graded without prior knowledge. Homework is due at the beginning of class.

ATTENDANCE Regular attendance is necessary for this class. For every class you miss, you may receive a zero on a pop quiz, a late penalty on a homework assignment and/or a chance to learn something.

EXAMS There will be two exams. The exam dates are 9/17/96 and 10/22/96.

MAKE-UP EXAMS There will NOT be make-up exams. If one exam is missed, your grade will be calculated differently from the formula itemized below. If you will miss an exam, bring a doctor's excuse and notify me in advance. These cases will be handled on an individual basis.

The following course schedule WILL change. This should be interpreted as a general guideline only. For current syllabus information, look online at

08/20/96 Course Information and Description Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Begin Journal
The Modern Systems Analyst
08/27/96 The Information Systems Building Blocks Chapter 3
Chapter 4
A Systems Development Life Cycle
09/03/96 Systems Development Techniques and Methodologies Chapter 5
Part 5 Section D
Part 5 Section B
Computer Aided Systems Engineering (CASE)
09/10/96 Review Study for Test
Chapter 6
Interpersonal Skills
09/17/96 Test on Chapters 1-5, Part 5 Sec. D Chapter 7
Part 5 Section A
09/24/96 Systems Analysis Chapter 8
Chapter 9
Fact_Finding Techniques
Project Management
Test Discussion
10/01/96 Data Modeling Chapter 10
Process Modeling
10/08/96 Network Modeling Chapter 11
Systems Planning
Guest Lecturer: Mr. Ron McCoy
Director of Information Technology, Yale Security, Inc.
10/15/96 Have a good Fall Break!
10/22/96 Data and Process Modeling Study
Using a Project Repository
Test Review
10/29/96 Test on Chapters 6-9 & 11, Part 5 Sec. A Chapter 12
Chapter 13
Part 5 Sec. C
11/05/96 Systems Design Chapter 14
Chapter 15
Chapter 16
Data Analysis
Feasibility Analysis
11/12/96 Process Analysis and DesignChapter 17
Chapter 18
File and Database Design
Input and Output Design
11/19/96 Guest Lecturer: Mr. Paul Millard
Director of Networking Services, Transquest, Inc.
Finish journal
Chapter 19
11/26/96 User Interface Design
Journal is due today
Chapter 20
Program Design
Systems Implementation
12/03/96 Systems Support Study for Final Exam
Review for Final
Exam Topics
12/10/96 Comprehensive Exam
in 203 OWEN HALL
(50% on Sections 3 & 4,
the remaining 50%
is cumulative)


Description Number Individual % Net %
Tests 2 15 30
Journal 1 10 10
Presentation 1 15 15
Final Exam 1 25 25
Class Participation n/a n/a 5
Selected Assignments 3 5 15
Totals 100

Updated: 08/20/96