Engineering Design and 3D Modeling

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Parametric Modeling with Solidworks 2007
MW 9:35-11:15 AM (Late Start 11:00AM-12:20PM)
RBH 004
Rebecca Bruce Susan Reiser
RBH 024 RBH 219
11:00-12:00 MTWR 8:30-9:30 MW, 10:25-11:25 TR or by appointment
828.232.2275 828.232.5166

DESCRIPTION This course will introduce students to 3D design, modeling and fabrication. The material presented will be a synergistic combination of computer graphics, engineering and information technology. Students will create 3D models in Solidworks. This is a "hands-on" course: all concepts will be introduced in an interactive lab/lecture environment.

INFORMATION Late assignments will not be accepted. As expected in an professional setting, assignments are due before class on the date specified in the statement of the problem. As per the catalog, students will be excused if they have documented emergencies or are representing UNCA on university-sanctioned travel. An equipment failure is not an excuse for turning in an assignment late.

There will not be makeup exams. Please do not ask us to make an exception unless it is an emergency, and you have the necessary documentation for an excused absence.

Letter grades are assigned based on the percentage of available points obtained by a student. 100% to 90% guarantees an A, 89% to 80% guarantees a B, and so on. The instructor reserves the option of relaxing the cut-offs for a letter grade in special circumstances. Plus and minus grades will be used for this course.

Course Schedule

Monday - Intro to Course
Wednesday - Intro to Engineering Design
Writing in class Monday - What is your experience with computing? How would you rate yourself on a scale ranging from technophobic to a technophile? What do you hope to learn in this class?
Pre-course survey
01/21-23/08 MLK Day - no classes 01/21
Wednesday - Design in different contexts - Engineering, Art and Computer Science
Writing due 01/28 - Compare and contrast the three design processes described in class Wednesday. Due 01/28.
Monday - Design Applied: Brainstorming and Decision Matrices
Wednesday - Design Tools: Writing Discussion, Project Evolution, Project Evolution Exercise
Class design methodology
Homework: Read Solidworks 1-1 through 1-6.
Writing due 02/04 - Research briefly and explain the design of an item you use in your everyday life.
Monday: Design Tools: Intro to Solidworks - Chapter 2, Parametric Modeling Functions
Wednesday: Solidworks - Chapter 3, CSG
Homework: Exercises 1-4 pp 2-32 and 2-33 and 1-2 pp 3-25. Due 2/11.
Monday: Solidworks - Chapter 12, Assembly Modeling. In class assembly exercise: use standard lumber dimensions to model a simple piece of furniture for your dorm room.
Wednesday: Introduce Cube Puzzle Project.
Homework: Create Solidworks exploded view of your Puzzle Project design. Turn in models 02/18 before class begins.
Writing due 02/18: What computer skills should a college graduate have?
Monday: From exploded view of puzzle, create drawings and fabricate from wooden blocks in class. If models need revision, revise models and submit second version. Presentations: create drawings, dimensioning
Wednesday: Test 1 (Chapters 1, 2 and 12 + Design) - Take home portion due 02/25.
Monday: Writing Center Presentation 9:45-10:15, Introduction to Fabrication and Maze Project
Dimensioning exercise and one page writing assignment due 03/10: Writing topic: What does it mean to be a good citizen?
Wednesday: Milling introduction, travel forms, preparation for AMS visit.
Enjoy your Spring Break!
03/10-12/08 - class canceled 03/12
Monday: Service Learning field trip.
Monday: Constructive comments for each graph submission. Read Fabrication Safety and Pre-Machining, Lab Volt Level 4 Mill Simulations
Paper Topic - Digital Fabrication: Craft or Commodity? This is a three page formal paper.
Wednesday: Visit AMS to review student drawings. (2:00 visit also?)
Monday: Peer review of Papers. Final student mazes delivered. Vote on top seven student mazes.
Wednesday: Test 2 (30 minutes - Fabrication Safety, Pre-Machining, gcode). Machining demo. Maze models assigned. Take home portion of the test: create g-code for decorative maze bottom. It should have your name, the AMS student's name and the date on the bottom.
Formal Writing Assignment: the three page final paper, the peer review and its draft due 03/31.
ACM SE 03/28-29
Monday: Critique of Solidworks maze models. Revisions as necessary. Create G-code for maze path. Simulate 4 views with Lab Volt Level 4 Mill.
Homework due Monday, 04/07, fabricated maze. If you would like to have your own copy, you may fabricate a second model. You must give one to your service learning partner.  
Monday: Demo Mazes at AMS.
Wednesday: Homework due Monday 04/14: Decide on a Final Project. Design, sketches, solidworks model, and completed fabrication are all required and equally weighted in your project grade. Write a one paragraph proposal of your final project. Cite dimensions and materials. Create three alternate sketches of your proposed project. Prepare to present the designs in class Monday 04/14.
Free Writing due Wednesday 04/16 - Describe your experience with the younger students? Comment and expand upon one positive and one negative aspect of service learning.
04/14-16/08 (Spring Symposium 04/15 - no UNCA day classes)
Monday: Meet in Whittman (Ramsey Library 101) room so we can use Elmo. Present and discuss final project proposals. Return to RBH 004 and begin to model final project in Solidworks.
Wednesday: Model final project
Homework due 04/21: Solidworks assembly models due 04/21.
Monday: Career Center, Myers Briggs @ 10:15 am with Ms. Katie McGee. Create G-code for final project.
Wednesday: Milling and Milling Cycles, Eileen Buecher, Career Center Director. Write G-code for final project.
Homework: Work on final project.
Last Day - Test 3 - closed book multiple choice in class, take home component and class survey.
05/05/08 FINAL 9:30AM
Turn in Test 3 and present your final project.


Description Number Individual Points Net Points
Tests 3 10 30
3 10 30
Portfolio n/a 5 5
Papers ( Writing 2, Draft 3, Final 5) 1 10 10
Other Assignments tbd   25
Totals 100 points


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