CSCI 201.003: Introduction to Algorithm Design

Fall Semester 2010
TR 3:30-5:10 pm, Robinson Hall 223
Instructor: Dr. Joseph K. Daugherty

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Homework Demos Notes

Online Resources: Python
Think Python: How to Think Like a Computer Scientist (Downey)
Swampy (Suite of Python Programs for Downey Textbook)
Official Website for Python Programming Language
Python Tutorial (Official Website)
LiveWires Python Course

Online Resources: Java
Oracle Technology Network: Java Developers Website
Java SE Tutorial (Oracle Java Website)
Online Documentation for Java SE 6 API (Applications Programming Interface)
NetBeans IDE (Integrated Development Environment)
Introduction to Programming Using Java, 5th Edition (free online textbook)

Online Resources: General
PuTTY: Free SSH client for remote terminal connections
WinSCP: Free SFTP client for Windows (download/upload utility)
Basic Unix/Linux commands
Help on Unix/Linux Text Editors
Basic MS-DOS commands

Weekly Schedule for Robinson 223 Lab

UNCA Snow Line: (828) 259-3050
Late Start Schedule

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