CSCI 201.003 Introduction to Algorithm Design

Fall Semester 2006

Schedule of Tests

Last revised 20 November 2006, 5:05 pm

# Date Open Book? Material (tentative, subject to revision)
1 09/18 (M)
Y Binary and hexadecimal number systems, Java programming environment, primitive data types and operations, selection statements.
Text: Chapters 1-3.
2 10/16 (M) Y Loops, methods, arrays.
Text: Chapters 4-6.
3 11/06 (M) Y Objects and classes, Strings and text I/O, inheritance and polymorphism.
Text: Chapters 7-9.
4 11/27 (M) Y Inheritance and polymorphism, abstract classes and interfaces, basic GUI programming.
Text: Chapters 9,10,12 (skip Chapter 11).
Final Exam 12/11 (M)
6:30-9:00 pm
Y GUI programming, graphics, event-driven programming.
Text: Chapters 12-14.

NOTE: For "open book" tests, you may use your textbook, class handouts (including hardcopies of online demo sources), and your own class notes. For reasons of fairness, you may not use any other textbooks, library books, or other materials during the test.

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