Project 1: Greenfoot Competition

Due date

This project is due on April 14, 2011, by midnight, and must be submitted as a single .java file to the UNCA moodle activity Project 1.

The Task

Study the Greeps competition flyer and download and install the greeps scenario.

Your goal is to improve the performance of the greeps in the three trials run in the greeps scenario. You will receive credit for your programming effort according to the grading table below.

The final version of your Greeps class is due April 14th by midnight; please submit only your file.


10% Strategy description, due in class on April 7
10% Programming progress report, due in class April 12
40% A program (i.e., that compiles, due by midnight April 14
40% A program (i.e., that accumulates at least 20 tomatoes during the 3 trials, due by midnight April 14
15 bonus pts First place score in the competition
10 bonus pts Second place score in the competition
5 bonus pts Third place score in the competition