CSCI 201 Lab 9 -- Loops in C++

Getting ready

If a directory called C:\FILES\Lab09 presently exists on your computer, delete it.

Download a ZIP'ed copy of the Lab 9 projects and store it in the C:\FILES directory.

Go into the MS-DOS prompt and execute the following commands:

This should create two new directories: TurnOn and StopLight. You'll only use TurnOn.


Open, build, and run c:\files\Lab09\TurnOn\TurnOn.dsw. Take a look at Funky.cpp. This time you have to call a function TurnOn with a integer which gives the number of a square to paint red.

Your task and your instructor's checkoff

You are to write five functions that do the following:
0 Turn on every third integer from 0 to 99.
1 Turn on all squares (0, 1, 4, 9, ...) from 0 to 99.
2 Turn on all powers of two (1, 2, 4, 8, ...) from 0 to 99.
3 Turn on the first fifteen numbers that are divisible by either three or seven.
4 Turns on every number from 0 to 99 which divides into 8,393,022 without leaving a remainder, that is, 8393022/i is zero.

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