Faces for CSCI 201

Here are the faces generated by Lab section 4 of CSCI 201 for lab 4. Click on one of the small faces, to get a bigger copy.

By the way, the names below the faces are those of the programmers, not of the person being pictured.

Haven Atchley

Michael Bouchelle

Ryan Chittick

James Conner

Terry Davisson

Zach Dill

Julie Dugas

Charles Emrick

Ben Erlandson

Janna Gower

Cynthia Grimsley

John Hawkins

Chris Hewat

Chris Houck

Genie Jenkins

Richard Kent

Jesse Kirby

Kristin Kuhlman

Michael Maher

Wallace McClennan

Joe Roddenberry

Brenda Rumple

Kevin Scala

Grace Schmidt

Caryl Sinfield

Kevin Smathers

Daniel Steel

Emmye Taft

Megan Tait

Paul Trinks

Silvia Valentini

Randy Vanselow

Anonymous One

Anonymous Two