Assignment 2 for CSCI 201


In this assignment you are asked to do both a written and a programming assignment. Both assignments are due at the start of class two weeks from the date that this assignment is given.

Written Assignment:

  1. Exercise 3.2 on page 141 of your text.
  2. Exercise 3.3 on page 141 of your text.
  3. Exercise 3.6 on page 141 of your text.
  4. Exercise 3.11 on page 143 of your text.

Programming Assignment:

Write a program that computes and displays the heat index (perceived temperature) from two user-supplied floating point values: a Farenheit temperature T, and a relative humidity percentage R. There are several slightly different formulas for computing heat index. The formula we shall use comes from USA Today's weather website at

HeatIndex = -42.379 + 2.04901523T + 10.14333127R - 0.22475541TR - 6.83783e-03(T2) - 5.481717e-02(R2) + 1.22874e-03(T2R) + 8.5282e-04(TR2) - 1.99e-06(T2R2)

Remember to prompt the user for the inputs, then echo them in a meaningful fashion.

What to turn in:

You should turn in the following at the start of class two weeks from the assignment date: