CSCI 255 Computer Organization

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Microcontrollers: From Assembly Language to C Using the PIC24 Family
Lecture:   M,W 10:00-11:15 AM;   Location: RH 217
Lab1:   W 4:10-5:50 PM;   Location: RH 223
Lab2:   W 6:20-8:00 PM;   Location: RH 223
Rebecca Bruce
RBH 220
T,R: 1:00-1:45PM;   M,W: 9-10AM or by appointment

Organization of digital computers including data representation, logic design and architectural features needed to support high-level languages. Includes a formal laboratory section using circuit design tools.

In addition to targeting the learning objectives listed below, this course is designed to meet the learning outcomes for Cluster 15.

Learning Objectives
  1. Carry out arithmetic computations in binary and hexadesimal number systems.
  2. Translate Boolean expressions into equivalent truth tables and logic gate implementations and vice versa.
  3. Design combinational and sequential logic circuits from functional descriptions of digital systems.
  4. Translate C code snippets to PIC24 uC assembly language.
  5. Write C programs that perform hardware interfacing tasks for the PIC24H32GP202.
  6. Build a single board microcontroller system that contains a PIC24H32GP202.
  7. Integrate the PIC24H32GP202 microcontroller with hardware such as a sensor or actuator to perform a predetermined task.

Lecture: Students are expected to attend all class meetings. Failure to do so will be considered a lack of interest in success on the part of the student. Students are responsible for completeing all work missed due to class absense on their own.
Lab: Students are expected to attend all labs. Failure to do so will impact your Lab grade. Students can not complete missed lab exercises for a grade.
Exams: If you must miss a quiz due to illness, you must email or telephone the instructor before the scheduled time to avoid a zero for that quiz.

All assignments will be submitted on-line via Moodle. Late assignments will be accepted with a late penalty.
Up to ONE week past due date: 10% off regular grade
More than ONE week past due date: NO CREDIT

As per the catalog, students will be excused from the late penalty if they have documented emergencies or are representing UNCA on university-sanctioned travel. An equipment failure is not an excuse for turning in an assignment late.

University of North Carolina at Asheville is committed to making courses, programs and activities accessible to students with documented disabilities. Students requiring reasonable accommodations must register with the Disability Services Office by providing current diagnostic documentation. All information provided will remain confidential. For more information please contact Joshua Kaufman, Disabilities Coordinator, at (828) 232-5050 in the OneStop Student Services center or at the Disability Services' website.

UNC Asheville relies on the honesty and academic integrity of all the members of its community. Any act of plagiarism or cheating is academic dishonesty. A person who knowingly assists another in cheating is likewise guilty of cheating. A student may be punished by a failing grade or a grade of zero for the assignment or test, or a failing grade in the course. If it seems warranted, the instructor may also recommend to the Provost dismissal or other serious university sanction.

Students are encouraged to find and work in study groups to complete homework assignments, discuss lab assignments, and prepare for tests. In a group, students may share portions of a solution to a problem, discuss their approach, and make solution suggestions to others in the group. However, the solution for each problem must be determined only by that student, rather than a copy of others' efforts.

Tentative Course Schedule

Day 1:
Lecture: Intro.
Assignment: read Ch 1, pp. 3-12
Day 2:
Lecture: Number Systems & Interactive Examples
Assignment: read Ch 1, pp. 12-22; work problems 1-9 on pp. 30-31, submit to Moodle; Solution
Lab: Number Systems
Day 1:
Lecture: Combinational Logic
Assignment: None
Day 2:
Lecture: Combinational Logic
Assignment: Homework 2 submit to Moodle; Solution
Lab: Logic Gates Using Logisim
Day 1:
Lecture: Labor Day - No classes
Assignment: None
Day 2:
Lecture: Sequential Logic
Assignment: read Ch 1, pp. 26-30
Lab: Intro. to Circuits and Transistors
Day 1:
Lecture: Simple Circuits
Assignment: read Ch 2, pp. 33-40
Day 2:
Lecture: Sequential Logic
Assignment: Homework 3 submit to Moodle; Solution
Lab: Transistor Implementations of Logic Gates
Day 1:
Lecture: Finite State Machines
Assignment: Study review sheet and ask questions next class
Day 2:
Lecture: Stored Program Machines & Review
Assignment: none
Lab: Sequential Logic: Flip-Flops
Day 1:
Lecture: Test 1, Solution, Grades
Assignment: Read Ch. 2
Day 2:
Lecture: Stored Program Machines
Assignment: Homework 4 submit to Moodle; Homework 4 Solution
Lab: Finite State Machines
Day 1:
Lecture: Architecture playhouse, Intro to PIC24
Assignment: Read Ch. 3
Day 2:
Lecture: Intro to Assembly Language, Appendix A of your text
Assignment: TBA
Lab: Intro. to the PIC24 IDE
Day 1:
Lecture: Fall Break - No classes
Assignment: None
Day 2:
Lecture: Review of Lab, & PIC 24 Instruction Set
Assignment: Homework 5 submit to Moodle; Homework 5 Solution
Lab: C Operators
Day 1:
Lecture: C Data Types & Logic & Conditional Operators
Assignment: Read Ch. 4
Day 2:
Lecture: Logic & Conditional Operators
Assignment: Homework 6 submit to Moodle; Homework 6 Solution
Lab: Syracuse Sequence
Day 1:
Lecture: Pointers & Arrays
Assignment: Read Ch. 6
Day 2:
Lecture: Pointers & Functions
Assignment: Study review sheet and ask questions next class
Lab: PIC24 System Startup
Day 1:
Lecture: Exam 2 Review
Assignment: None
Day 2:
Lecture: Test 2, Test 2 Grade Distribution, Test 2 Key
Assignment: Read Ch. 8
Lab: PIC24 LED & Switch I/O
Day 1:
Lecture: PIC24 System Startup
Assignment: Homework 7 submit to Moodle, Homework 7 Solution
Day 2:
Lecture: Exam Review
Assignment: none
Lab: Making Music with the PIC24
Day 1:
Lecture: PIC24 System Startup
Assignment: Homework 8 submit to Moodle, Homework 8 Solution
Day 2:
Lecture: Interrupts
Assignment: TBA
Lab: PWM and Analog Input with the PIC24
Day 1:
Lecture: Interrupts
Assignment: Homework 9 submit to Moodle, Homework 9 Solution
Day 2:
Lecture: Thanksgiving Holiday - No classes
Assignment: None
Lab: Thanksgiving Holiday - No Lab
Day 1:
Lecture: Review for Test 3
Assignment: None
Day 2:
Lecture: Test 3; Test 3 Grade Distribution, Test 3 Key
Assignment: None
Lab: Interrupt Handling with the PIC24
Day 1:
Lecture: Review for final exam
Assignment: Work on final project or study for final exam
Final Exam & Final Project Presentations: Monday, DEC 12th 8:00-10:30 AM


Description Number Individual Points Net Points
Tests 3 30 90
Assignments* 9 10 80
Lab Exercises 14 10 140
Final Project or Exam
1 40 40
Totals 350 points

* The lowest assignment grade is dropped.

Letter grades are assigned based on the percentage of available points obtained by a student. 100% to 90% guarantees an A, 89% to 80% guarantees a B, and so on. The instructors reserve the option of relaxing the cut-offs for a letter grade in special circumstances. Plus and minus grades will be used for this course.



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