CSCI 255 Lab

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There is no textbook, all materials will be provided on-line
W 6:00-7:40 PM
RBH 223
Rebecca Bruce
Office: RBH 220
Office Hours: MWF: 10:00-10:40 AM

This is a lab course to accompany CSCI 255. Our objective is to explore microcontroller electronics and programming using a PIC24. This is a 'hands-on' lab; all concepts will be introduced in an interactive environment. There will be ample opportunity for self-guided exploration and creativity.

Lecture: Students are expected to attend all lab meetings. Failure to do so will impact your class grade and will be considered a lack of interest in success on the part of the student. Students are responsible for completeing all work missed due to absense on their own.

Late assignments will be accepted with a late penalty.
Up to ONE week past due date: 10% off regular grade
More than ONE week past due date: NO CREDIT

As per the catalog, students will be excused from the late penalty if they have documented emergencies or are representing UNCA on university-sanctioned travel. An equipment failure is not an excuse for turning in an assignment late.

Tentative Course Schedule

Mon, 08/23/10
Review of Number Systems
Mon, 08/30/10
Logic Gates Using Logisim
Mon, 09/06/10
No Class: Labor Day Holiday
Mon, 09/13/10
Intro. to Circuits and Transistors
Mon, 09/20/10
Transistor Implementations of Logic Gates
Mon, 09/27/10
Sequential Logic: Flip-Flops
Mon, 10/04/10
Finite State Machines
Mon, 10/11/10
No Class: Fall Break
Mon, 10/18/10
Intro. to the PIC24 IDE
Mon, 10/25/10
PIC24 Arithmetic Operations
Mon, 11/01/10
PIC24 System Startup
Mon, 11/08/10
PIC24 LED & Switch I/O
Mon, 11/15/10
Making Music with the PIC24, A complete implementation of music.c
Mon, 11/22/10
Analog Input with the PIC24
Mon, 11/29/10
Interrupt Handeling with the PIC24
Mon, 12/06/10
Review for final exam


Description Number Individual Points Net Points
Lab Exercises 14 25 350

Your lab grade counts for 25% of your course grade for CSCI 255



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