CSCI 201: Introduction to Algorithm Design

Description: This course is an introduction to programming using Java. In this class, you will learn programming constructs that can apply to many programming languages used today. Although it will be necessary to learn the syntax and semantics of Java, the essence of this course will not be learning Java. Instead, the goal of this course is concerned with programming as problem solving. Programming, at its essence, is the ability to solve complicated problems using computers.
Text: Introduction to Java Programming: Fundamentals First, 6/E, Y. Daniel Liang, Pearson/Prentice Hall, ISBN 0-13-223738-5.
Section 1:
Dean Brock
Office: RBH 221A
Telephone: 232-5161
Office hours: TBD
Section 2:
Rebecca Bruce
Office: RBH 024
Telephone: 232-2275
Office hours: MTRF 11-12:00
Meeting Times: Section 1: TR 8:25-9:15
Section 2: MF 2:45-3:35
Late Start Times: Section 1: TR 9:45-10:25
Section 2: MW 3:20-4:00
Exams 30%
Lab Exercises 30%
Programs 20%
Final Exam 20%
Total Points 100%
Letter Grades: The following scale will be used to assign final letter grades based on the weighted numerical grade defined above:
Percentage Letter Grade
  93 ≤ grade ≤ 100 A
  90 ≤ grade < 93 A-
  87 ≤ grade < 90 B+
  83 ≤ grade < 87 B
  80 ≤ grade < 83 B-
  77 ≤ grade < 80 C+
  73 ≤ grade < 77 C
  70 ≤ grade < 73 C-
  67 ≤ grade < 70 D+
  60 ≤ grade < 67 D
  grade < 60 F
Late Policy: The policy on late homework or claswork is as follows:
  • Up to 3 days past due date: 15% penalty for each day late
  • More than 3 days past due date: NO CREDIT
As per the catalog, students will be excused if they have documented emergencies or are representing UNCA on university-sanctioned travel. An equipment failure is not an excuse for turning in an assignment late.
Attendance Policy: Lectures: Students are expected to attend all class lectures. Failure to do so will impact your homework grade and will be considered a lack of interest in success on the part of the student.

Exams: If you must miss an exam due to illness you must email or telephone the instructor before the scheduled time and perhaps something can be arranged to avoid a zero for the exam.