Policy on late assignments

Class assignments have specific due dates and times. Here are a few examples.

Class assignments also have allowed means for submission. Here are a few examples of these.

Assignment submissions that do not conform to these rules are considered late and must be uploaded to the course’s Moodle bin for late assignments as a prerequisite for grading.

Uploading to the bin for late assignments does not guarantee assignment credit. There is no precise formulae regarding the credit that will be given for late assignments; however, assignments submitted more than a two weeks late or after solutions have been presented will rarely be graded.

If there is a justification why the assignment is late, that should be attached as a note to the assignment when it is uploaded.

The bin for late assignments is a mechanism for placing the responsibility for managing late assignments on the student rather than the instructor.

It should be noted that emailing or delivering a paper copy of a late assignment is not considered a substitution for uploading the assignment to the bin for late assignments. An emailable submission can be uploaded, and a paper copy can be scanned and then uploaded.