CSCI 373 — 19 February

The second waffle

Unfortunately, the attempt to set up the Pi’s last week didn’t work very well. Most of them had problems with names, accounts, etc. But, as Al Davis says, you always throw away the first waffle.

The Pi cards have been rewritten with the latest distribution and the magic ssh file has been added so to the boot partition that they can be connected to externally.

So we are starting again. At the point, you must know the letter on your Pi. For this document, I’ll use α. If you see α type in the letter on your Pi. Do not be creative.

If you don’t have an, get one before starting.

Screen shots

Starting it up

Do not be afraid to ask advice from the people around you or the instructor. Do the following.

Second connection

See if it starts up. Login with your pi account. Type id to make sure you are in the right groups.

Use the adduser to create a uncacsci account with the password AhoyMates. Add the account to the sudo group. Get the instructor to check out the account and your setup.

Third connection

If there are 45 minutes of so left in the class, you can use apt-get to start update the Raspberry Pi operating system. If not, we can move your Pi to another room. Or, we can just leave your Pi in RRO 223 until CSCI 235 meets that everning.

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get dist-update
sudo shutdown -r now

In case you finish really early

Go help someone else until they are done.