Spring 2018 CSCI 373.001 Meeting Schedule

The class will meet on Monday, Wednesday, and Friaday from 12:30 PM to 1:45 PM in RRO 223.

At the first of the semester there will be a lot of blank entries in this schedule. As the semester progresses, they will be filled in.

Meeting schedule

Date Topic
17 Jan UNC Asheville classes cancelled due to weather
19 Jan Filling in the syllabus and Traditional embedded systems courses
22 Jan Before attending class: Get an account on Tinkercad
24 Jan Class cancelled for Mel Chin talk in HLH!
26 Jan Breadboarding and V=IR and possibly motor control
29 Jan Transistors, motor control and Arduino I/O
31 Jan Peripherals and interrupts
2 Feb Interrupts and I2C
5 Feb An exercise in I2, LED’s, and motors
7 Feb
9 Feb
12 Feb Raspberry Pi foundation and Raspberry Pi hardware
14 Feb a dynamic document
16 Feb
19 Feb The second waffle
21 Feb
23 Feb Raspberry Pi GPIO
26 Feb
28 Feb
2 Mar I2C and SMBUS
5 Mar
7 Mar Continue with I2C but also set up a web server but without PHP. Next try out a CGI script with JSON.
9 Mar Web enabling
19 Mar More web
21 Mar Servos and CGI control
Servo assignment
23 Mar
26 Mar Networking I
28 Mar Networking II
30 Mar Networking III
2 Apr Networking IV and booting
4 Apr systemd
6 Apr the future
9 Apr The many programming languages of Chapter 5 along with Node RED
11 Apr
13 Apr
16 Apr The exam on Wednesday
18 Apr EXAM
20 Apr Communication
25 Apr A couple of things
27 Apr Starting up
30 Apr
7 May
11:30 AM — 2:30 PM
Final Exam