CSCI 373 — System setup

This is a work in progress. You’re going to work on three different systems as homework assignments.

This will start to look better.

Virtual box

Use VirtualBox to set up a virtual machine on one of the systems in RRO 223. You may complete this task with another person, because I don’t think there are enough computers for everyone to have their own.

Initial idea

Why we do not store virtual machines on the server?

Connect to /playpen
  Note size -- how many virtual machines can this contain
  Note protection
  Look at playpen/ISO -- protection
  Look at /playpen/VM -- protection  (any files there???)
  copy /csciloc/ubuntu/Distributions/ubuntu-16.04.1-desktop-amd64.iso
    to /playpen/ISO

Start virtualbox
  Place your virtual disk image in /playpen/VM
    And use fixed 16 Gbytes
      That's more than the default
      Be leaves space for others
    Otherwise use defaults
  Don't download updates on the install
    Wait until the reboot

  apt-get update
  apt-get upgrade
  apt-get dist-upgrade

Check out networking (NAT)

Create a user

Google cloud

Create an virtual machine running some flavor of Linux with Google Cloud Computing using the account provided for this class.

Raspberry Pi

The first step is to use one of the Raspberry Pi systems to create an account for yourself. The second step is to set one up from scratch complete with a CGI-enabled web server attached to some I2C device.

Mastering Node-RED would be super.